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We want to create the best results and therefore also strive to have the best team of personal trainers in Denmark.
Common to all our coaches is a vast experience, both theoretical and practical, as well as a high level of education. This should give you access to the best and latest knowledge that will ultimately give you an extraordinary experience.


MORE THAN JUST TRAINING It is not just training that is recording us.



It is not just training that is recording us.

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  • Personal training is just as much about using psychology and motivation to create the right framework for a great development.Therefore, all coaches are continuously trained in more than just training.

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We have a broad education and background in areas such as psychology, pain science, coaching and personal development. This ensures a holistic perspective and gives you far more than 'just' personal training.

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CUSTOMIZED EXACTLY FOR YOU At InnerGym you get the best results and the best guidance you can imagine. You have a highly trained trainer available who is solely there to help you and make sure you get the most out of your workout. Whether your desire is weight loss, a flatter belly, bigger muscles or better body control, Fir by rowing can help you with exactly your goals. SAVE TIME AND TROUBLE You achieve your goals in the shortest possible time, saving you a lot of time to figure out what works and what doesn't. It may also be that you have trained yourself for a shorter or longer period, without achieving the desired results. Here, a professional trainer can help you get 100% control over your diet and exercise, as well as motivate you to make a greater effort and thus achieve a far better result.